Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Rocket Bike Riding Dinosaur With a Ray Gun and a Monkey With a Jet Pack Who Likes to Throw Car Batteries Vs. a Platoon of Robot Nazis

I blame Chris Sims

Arachnia! Queen of the Spider-People!

It's Weird, The Stuff Your Brain Kicks Out.
I was watching that Star Trek: Voyager episode where Janeway has to go undercover in a
Buck Rogerish holodeck program. Clearly this looks nothing like Kate Mulgrew's costume but when I heard "Queen of the Spider-People" this popped into my head.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Questing Beast and Pellinore sketch

A sketch I did a while back at my friend Jono Doiron's art show (you can check out his blog by hitting the link to the right). It's Pellinore from the Sword in the Stone nursing the Questing Beast back to health. (Yes, yes, I know the QB isn't supposed to look like this but it's how I've pictured him ever since I read the book as a kid).